EAN kodas8595568932358
Muitines kodas85363030
Svoris0.06 kg/pcs
MedžiagaPP + foaming material
Behalogenė medžiagataip
Medžiaga be švinotaip
Savaime gęstanti30 sec.
Nominali įtampa<= 400 V
Nominali srovė<= 16 A
Atsparumas temperatūrai-5 - 60 °C
Liepsnos kilpos bandymas850 °C
Aukštis73 mm
Plotis68 mm
Gylis47 mm
Frezuotos (išgręžtos) skylės diametras73 mm
Gamintojo rekomendacoijos
Visų produktų į gipso kartono sienas, rekomenduojame naudoti mūsų pateiktus įrankių rinkinius.
Reakcijos į ugnį klasėA1 - F
Apsaugos klasėIP30
StandartaiČSN EN 60 670-1, ČSN EN 1363-1:2013
Atsparumo gaisrui standartaiEI 15 - EI 120

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
Fire resistant wall box KPZ-1_PO is designed for fire partition walls, consisting of fire resistant gypsum plasterboard or aerated concrete structures. Its advantage is that the inlet openings are made of a softened material that ensures airtightness of the passage between the box and the cable or tube installed therein. On the outside and inside of the box is applied foaming material, which in case of fire foams the mounting hole. This ensures the integrity and insulation fire partitions in place of location devices. Its use thus prevents the spread of fire in the event of fire. The triple-threaded mounting screws are provided with metal feet for quick installation. Application of this box is mainly in buildings with increased need for protection of persons and property in case of fire.

The PO classification is dependent on the specific placement of the box in plasterboard or aerated concrete, detailed in the new catalog – Systems with maintained functionality in fire.

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